Lani Felix-Lozano

General Manager, Green Heart Holistic Health & Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Lani Felix is the general manager for Green Heart Holistic Health & Pharmaceuticals, Inc., in Boston, Massachusetts. Lani leads the team of dedicated, compassionate and experienced staff of Green Heart’s proposed medical cannabis facility in the Newmarket Square neighborhood of Boston.

For the past five years, Lani worked for Green Heart’s sister organization, Harborside Health Center—the nation’s largest, state-legal and locally compliant, nonprofit medical cannabis dispensaries in Oakland and San Jose, California. While there, she created several new systems to make significant improvements to budgets, costs, savings and vendor consolidations, and negotiated pricing on supplies and medicinal packaging. As an executive team member and facilities department manager, she created a tracking system for equipment, training and uniform standards of best practices for the building, making sure all compliance codes for the city, county and state were in order. Lani also coordinated medical cannabis industry events, patient outreach programs, community engagements, and local nonprofit fundraisers sponsored by Harborside Health Center.

Prior to her employment as general manager for Green Heart, Lani received extensive general management training at Harborside Health Center’s San Jose location. During this time, she worked hands-on in every department, becoming familiar with all operations of running a medical cannabis dispensary, from patient services and security to processing and purchasing of medicine. In addition to her GM training, Lani helped create and update departmental training materials and operations manuals for Harborside, as well as Green Heart. These materials will serve to instill in all future Harborside and Green Heart medical cannabis dispensary staff the best practices, policy and procedures, unprecedented patient services and quality care, and the education and promotion of the safe use of medical cannabis.

Before she began her career in medical cannabis, Lani owned and operated a small consulting business in Marin, Calif., providing a multitude of personal and executive assistant services. For seven years she managed multi-million dollar estates, including ground-up construction efforts and remodels of multiple properties, including Harborside Health Center. Lani holds a bachelor’s degree in business accounting from the University of Phoenix.

Lani is a single mother with two daughters; one who’s currently attending The Newman School in Boston, and another who’s attending Sierra Nevada College in Tahoe, working toward a Master of Arts in Teaching. Lani lives in the South End neighborhood of Boston.