Statement from President Andrew DeAngelo:

“Green Heart is disappointed by the DPH announcement. Our only regret is that we will not have the opportunity to bring our pioneering best practices, gold standard industry model to the patients and greater community of Boston. We deeply thank the many people who have supported our efforts in Boston, and wish for the good health and wellness of all its citizens.”


Medical cannabis for registered qualifying patients has been authorized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. One dispensary — to be operated by an award-winning team — is proposed for 70 Southampton Street, near Boston’s Newmarket Square.
Our facility will be well lit, surrounded by a fence, and watched over by highly trained security professionals.

Some neighbors and nearby businesses have expressed concerns about the potential impact of locating a dispensary in an already challenged community.

Others see a well-run and socially conscious organization enhancing the local community.
All agree that both data and dialogue are needed.

Our safety initiatives will extend into the community.

Today, 70 Southampton is a boarded-up empty building, suffering from years of deferred maintenance. In its place, the Green Heart team will create a beautiful, secure, state-of-the-art health care facility. Our facility will be well lit, surrounded by a fence, and watched over by highly trained security professionals.

We will:

  • Offer a patient escort and shuttle service
  • Enforce strict drug diversion surveillance and intervention daily
  • Work in robust cooperation with BPD
  • Foster and grow community watch efforts

We will work in robust cooperation with BPD.

We believe in community engagement.


Senior Green Heart team members have deep experience—and a great track record—in similarly challenged neighborhoods. At Harborside Health Center, in the high crime city of Oakland, Calif., we initiated security measures that created a crime-free zone of safety around our facility. Oakland Police Department records show a strong history of collaboration.

  • In Oakland, our robust security presence has made our neighborhood safer in general, and on several occasions, we have provided direct assistance to OPD. In our seven years of operation serving our 112,000 patients, we have not experienced a single act of violence, a single robbery or burglary, or even a serious attempt.
  • We know it takes more than a fence and a shuttle to create safety, it takes neighborhood engagement as well. In Oakland, we have contributed to numerous community groups throughout the city. We are currently the second highest retail taxpayer in Oakland, and have brought dozens of jobs to the community.
  • In 2013, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors recognized those efforts with an Official Commendation for Community Service.

These are the kind of benefits we hope to bring to the City of Boston, and to the community of Newmarket Square.

Our Team

Meet our senior Green Heart team members

Andrew DeAngelo Lani Felix
Andrew DeAngelo Lani Felix


  • We will listen carefully, and respond promptly, to the questions and concerns of our neighbors.
  • The safety of our patients, staff, and neighborhood will always be our highest priority.
  • We will generously invest in the safety and beauty of our neighborhood.
  • If we make a mistake, we will acknowledge it, and make it right.


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